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Katelyn & Evan!

Carnival Engagement Session

Seriously, how fun and adorable can two people be?  We had such a blast with them on the beach and then at the carnival pier during their engagement session!  They are amazingly talented artists themselves, and we can’t wait for their wedding next year!

But obviously, the real star of this shoot was Mochi, their hilariously emotive cat.

Check out their engagement film, and a few of my favorite photos from the afternoon!

A black cat with yellow eyes is angrily staring in front of a LOVE marquee sign. KatelynEvanEngagement 18-0091EngagementPortraits 05-KatelynEvanEngagement Couple stand under some birds on Stewart Beach in Galveston. 16-0100EngagementPortraits 17-0103EngagementPortraits 21-0043EngagementPortraits 15-0116EngagementPortraits A bride and groom kiss in front of a ferris wheel at Pleasure Pier in Galveston, TX. 02-0162EngagementPortraits 04-0001Engagement-2 09-0167EngagementPortraits 11-0132EngagementPortraits 12-0138EngagementPortraits 10-0150EngagementPortraits 14-0128EngagementPortraits 19-0081EngagementPortraits 20-0077EngagementPortraits 03-0176EngagementPortraits 08-0198EngagementPortraits 06-0202EngagementPortraits 07-0204EngagementPortraits

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