Austin & Destination Wedding Photography

Fine Art Wedding Photography

We are Austin and destination wedding photographers who love two things, one of them being sunset (of course) the second of them being couples who are downright gaga for each other.  If we could, we would bottle that over-the-top, daffy, loveyousomuch feeling, but until that’s possible, we do the next best thing!  We do more than just document events, we craft precious art of once-in-a-lifetime moments – all with a sense of humor.  We never lose sight, however many weddings we shoot, that this day is YOUR wedding, your one and only. This is the day your new life begins, and whether you’re here, there, or way over there, we want to photograph your joy.  We love going to new places and being inspired.

My Style

As a bird, I prefer to fly around and above you, rather than flap in your face and squawk all night. I’m sure to take a few minutes out of your day to create some amazing, playfully romantic portraits, but after that – my goal is for you to forget I’m there and enjoy this most special of days with your friends and family. If I could pick any one thing to specialize in, it would be “People Having a Gosh-Darn Good Time”.  Luckily, happy couples in love happen to be just that!

Photographs & Heirloom Albums

All of our couples will receive their edited, high-resolution photographs on a flash drive and will have the option of adding an heirloom archival album to their collection.  When your great-great grandchildren find your photos packed away in a trunk in an attic, they’ll find = moments from a day that seems so, so long ago to them, and yet they’ll feel as if they were right there with you.