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Our Process

How much experience do you have?

We’ve shot over 300 weddings. So, we’ve seen it all! We’ve photographed weddings in churches, hotels, fields, barns, gardens, abandoned buildings and in the middle of nowhere! We’ve shot ceremonies in every lighting situation, from bright sun to dark candlelight. We’ve faced every kind of natural disaster that can happen at a wedding (rain, hail, extreme wind, hurricanes, FIRE – you name it)! We’ve loved every minute and have the confidence and experience to handle whatever may come with ease! No worries – we’ve got this! ūüôā

I’m a photographer – tell me how you edit!

I’m always happy to share how I do everything! ¬†First, start with making an image you think is amazing to begin with. ¬†ūüôā ¬†We love COLOR! ¬†Then, we do 90% of our image editing right in Adobe Lightroom 5. ¬†I’ve gotten tons of emails from other professional photographers asking how I edit, what my settings are, etc., so to simplify things I’ve made a little etsy shop with some of the presets I’ve created to help get the soft, but still vibrant style we love: ¬†https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheBirdTheBear ¬†Feel free to get them and try them out! ¬†ūüôā

Tell me more about yourselves and your style!

This is a great question! ¬†With there being so many photographers out there, we feel there is a perfect fit for each couple!¬† We are a happily married couple who love working together.¬† We have two small dogs and are pretty much obsessed with them.¬† We also have a baby girl – she’s the real boss. We chose to combine our businesses for weddings after we got married because we realized how important, awesome and once-in-a-lifetime our own wedding was!¬† It was such a blur, and we realized later that our two entire families may not be in the same room like that ever again.¬† People traveled in from all over just to celebrate with us and we wanted to cherish every single moment.¬† This is why we do both photography and videography.¬† We want to capture the Full, whole, real moment – and as many of them as possible! ¬†We never lose sight that, while we have been to hundreds of weddings, this one – this very one today,¬†is yours! ¬†Your one and only! ¬†With your very own true love – and every moment counts.

We try to be unobtrusive and let people be, so we can focus on who you Really are.¬† We love authenticity!¬† Of course, we capture all of the traditional family portraits and all of the major things that everyone captures, but we also try to let our couple and their guests¬†relax and have fun with it, too! We love getting to know our couples!¬† We want to know you guys, your style, your story and have a plan on how best to capture your day uniquely for the two of you. ¬†While we love shooting in all lighting situations (day or night) we especially love natural light portraiture, mixed with fun, real life moments! ¬†Candid dancing shots at night time are also some of our favorites of the day, too! ¬†We love beautiful colors, happy people and helping our couples relax and just be their true, authentic selves. ¬†Our perfect wedding is in the afternoon, with beautiful sunset light for portraits, and then a dance party all night long! ¬†ūüėČ

What gear do you shoot with?

These are just a few of the things we bring to every wedding. As a photo/video team, we have a TON of gear! Many of these things we have more than one of, just to be safe, and in addition to these things we bring mic’s, stabilizers, tripods, flashes, etc.

Canon 5d Mark IV 

Canon C100

Canon 5d Mark iii

35mm 1.4

70-200 2.8

50mm 1.4

85mm 1.2

16-35 2.8

24-70 2.8

24-105 4

45mm Tilt Shift 2.8

90mm Macro

Glidecam 4000

Why is working with a photo + video team better than hiring two companies separately?

This one is easy; they know how to work together! ¬†They can anticipate each other‚Äôs movements. ¬†Your wedding coverage should be totally genuine ‚Äď you won‚Äôt run the risk of having to fake moments later because the companies were on different schedules, or simply didn‚Äôt know something was planned. ¬†We try our best to stay out of each other’s shots, too. ¬†Besides, wedding planning can be stressful enough, using one company can help make things easier, and you‚Äôll know you have that same, high-quality, consistent look to your photos and films.

Wait, aren’t wedding videos like, super lame?

Oh, how things have changed since the 90‚Ä≤s. We view wedding films as a chance to create art. Even more, to create a family heirloom that will be cherished for generations. Modern, experienced videographers know when to anticipate moments happening ‚Äď they know to do things like check out your Mom‚Äôs expression while she‚Äôs watching the Father/Daughter dance. Laughter, teary eyes, first kisses and funny dance moves are just the beginning.

Will you travel for our wedding?

Yes!  We frequently travel for weddings and would love to make the trip out to yours.  We LOVE traveling, and have a special package just for destinations!  Contact us for more info!

What will our session be like?

We’ll work together to come up with something beautiful, fun and quintessentially you!  Our goal is simply to capture your love, so you can experience it again & again, always & forever, forever & always & every little moment in between.  Also, we limit ourselves to about 30 weddings per year in order to give our full focus with each of our couples.  Inquire early, because dates fill up quickly!

Why do you shoot photos & video?

We cherish our own wedding video, and truly believe that our generation has just as much fun sharing videos as they do their photos!  People are laughing, dancing, swift-living phenomenons and we want to capture full moments in their most absolute essence!