Austin Wedding Videography

Killer Wedding Videos

First things first, I JUST DON’T DO CHEESY. As an Austin Wedding Videographer, I’m a big film fans and love good movies.  Whether you’re getting married here in Austin, or in another awesome location, we want to shoot your video.  With a background in commercial films, I love making highly stylized, fun movies that grab your attention and tell a story – YOUR STORY.  My goal is to make you a film you’ll love watching so much, that you watch it 1,000 times in one day… and/or leave it on repeat for 2 years.

My Style

A brown bear chasing you can be frightening.  A brown bear with a camera?  Even more so.  I try to be as nonintrusive as possible, capturing you in your own natural habitat with your loved ones, laughing, smiling & dancing without big bear paws, bright lights and gear in your faces chasing everybody off.

Highlight Videos & Feature Films

Depending on your package choice, most of our clients will receive two versions of their wedding film; One short film that can be easily shared online with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, Email or any other social networking platform & another full length film including the whole ceremony, special dances & the crazy dance moves that follow.  While the highlight film is cut up, quick paced and fun, we include the full moments uncut for the feature film – this way you have the best of both worlds!

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