Do you offer workshops?

Yes!  We love giving our knowledge and experience on to other photographers.  We also offer 1 on 1 mentoring sessions.

We have two types of Photographer Mentor Sessions:

The first are Office Mentoring Sessions.  These are $900 and we spend three with you here in our office or on Skype, going over your business, brand and marketing strategy, discussing essential technical skills of both photography and video, as well as how to quickly and efficiently edit your work (or whatever ya wanna talk about)!

We also offer In The Field Sessions.  These are $900 for 3 hours of technical advice and demonstration while shooting (either photo or video) at a real shoot.

You can purchase both sessions for $1500.  We always do these sessions on weekdays, as our weekends are busy with shoots and weddings!  🙂

Contact us if you’re interested!