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Kelsey & Tyler

Sacred Oaks Camp Lucy

Sacred Oaks Camp Lucy

Kelsey and Tyler’s Sacred Oaks Camp Lucy wedding was so perfect!  We are completely in love with the venue Sacred Oaks at Camp Lucy.  It is one of the most beautiful new wedding venues in the Austin area!  Both day and night, this venue is gorgeous.  We love the giant trees, and all the pretty lights that hang from them at night time!  The summer weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony under the lovely canopy of oak trees.  Kelsey and Tyler met while working at a camp, so it was only right that they bring all of their family and friends for a weekend away in Austin for their big day!  Their awesome bridal party had everyone cracking up the whole night.  Those guys clearly have some good times together!  We are so happy we got to meet them and their wonderful family and friends.  Congratulations to this gorgeous couple!

Venue: Sacred Oaks Camp Lucy

Catering & Floral Design: Whim Design

Wedding Planner: The mother of the bride, Julee!  Major props to Julee for pulling together such an amazing event!

Find some of my favorite photos of their big day below.  🙂

Bride and groom stand in the sunshine at Sacred Oaks Camp Lucy in Dripping Springs, TX. Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-43 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-13 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-3 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-1 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-44 Bridesmaids under the trees at Sacred Oaks Camp Lucy Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-19 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-16 Ring bearer in sunglasses stands in front of all the groomsmen. Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-21 Groom and groomsmen play football before the wedding ceremony. Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-20 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-4 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-22 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-42 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-17 The bride walks down the aisle with her father. The bride's father hands her off to the groom at the front of the aisle at Sacred Oaks. Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-25 The groom's mother sheds a tear during the wedding ceremony. Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-27 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-5 The bride and groom laugh together during their wedding ceremony at Sacred Oaks at Camp Lucy. Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-32 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-7 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-26 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-36 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-29 The bride and groom share their first kiss as man and wife. The bride and groom ring the wedding bell after their ceremony at Sacred Oaks at Camp Lucy. Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-6 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-40 Sacred Oaks Camp Lucy wedding in Dripping Springs, Texas.Sacred Oaks Camp Lucy wedding Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-23 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-45 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-46 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-47 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-48 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-9 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-8 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-10 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-11 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-49 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-34 Sacred_Oaks_Camp_Lucy-12Bride and Groom kiss under the lights at Sacred Oaks at Camp Lucy in Dripping Springs, TX.

8 thoughts on “Sacred Oaks Camp Lucy | Kelsey & Tyler

  1. Wow, that is a ginormous wedding party!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wide shot under the tree at the ceremony….all those tree shots are fantastic quite actually!!

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