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ure’s Point Wedding

Law and Alyssa’s Nature’s Point wedding was absolutely magical! ┬áMAGICAL! I don’t use that word lightly, but this day was incredible! Beautiful, adorable couple, gorgeous venue, and everyone having an amazing time – what could make the day more perfect? We fell in love with Nature’s Point venue in Lago Vista, TX. The lakeside setting on top of a hill is picturesque and dreamy. Also, check out the incredible R2D2 Cake by Simon Lee Bakery! WOW!

Wow, you HAVE TO CHECK out the video from their day, too!! We love how it turned out!

<iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/172835323″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>


Lawrence & AlyssaNatures-Point-72 Natures-Point-70 Natures-Point-68 Natures-Point-1 Natures-Point-69 Natures-Point-2 Natures-Point-73 Natures-Point-3 Natures-Point-4 Natures-Point-52 Natures-Point-5 Natures-Point-6 Natures-Point-7 Natures-Point-54 Natures-Point-13 Natures-Point-9 Natures-Point-74 Natures-Point-12 Natures-Point-8 Natures-Point-71 Natures-Point-33 Natures-Point-10 Natures-Point-55 Natures-Point-60 Natures-Point-14 Natures-Point-57 Natures-Point-56 Natures-Point-58 Natures-Point-15 Natures-Point-16 Natures-Point-17 Natures-Point-18 Natures-Point-19 Natures-Point-59 Natures-Point-20 Natures-Point-21 Natures-Point-22 Natures-Point-23 Natures-Point-24 Natures-Point-25 Natures-Point-26 Natures-Point-27 Natures-Point-28 Natures-Point-29 Natures-Point-61 Natures-Point-31 Natures-Point-32 Natures-Point-34 Natures-Point-36 Natures-Point-37 Natures-Point-64 Natures-Point-62 Natures-Point-65 Natures-Point-63 Natures-Point-66 Natures-Point-53 Natures-Point-67 Natures-Point-11 Natures-Point-48 Natures-Point-49 Natures-Point-39 Natures-Point-75 Natures-Point-40 Natures-Point-41 Natures-Point-42 Natures-Point-43 Natures-Point-50 Natures-Point-51 Natures-Point-76 Natures-Point-44 Natures-Point-46 Natures-Point-77 Natures-Point-80 Natures-Point-78 Natures-Point-79 Natures-Point-47 Natures-Point-35

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